The Body Love Manifesto


by Jeannette Maw

1. Your body is capable of miracles.

Whenever you wonder whether a healing or change is possible in your body, know that it’s capable of more than you can imagine. Its only limits are your habits of thought. Free your mind and anything is possible.

3. Your body follows your instruction.

You create your whole world through thought and speech, including the reality of your physical self. Speak your body well, speak it capable, speak it body thriving, and so shall it be.

5. Your body knows pleasure is part of the fun.

The physical pleasures of life are accessible through your body: the senses of touch, smell, sound, taste, sight; the thrill of dance; the inspirations to explore, the wonders of our physical capacities. Let your body engage.

7. Your body is made of love.

Love is not just our heritage and our birthright, it’s also what we’re made of what we came for. Your body is programmed with love and for love – to love you, to love life, and to receive the love.

9. Your body offers constant guidance.

No matter the question, your body knows the answer. Truth is yours when you tune into guidance offered by your physical being. Pay attention to its signals and become your best guru.

2. Your body knows how to thrive.

Your best expert on health and physical well-being is your body. It knows what to do and how to do it. All you have to do is get out of the way (by thinking you know better) and let it do its magic.

4. Your body is connected to the Divine.

Source energy not only flows through your body, but it’s also what your body is made of and by. It’s your direct connection to the divine. Worth remembering. Your body is a treasure.

6. Your body doesn’t dictate your happiness.

It’s easy to think your feeling state is dependent on your physical condition, but you’d be wrong. Happiness is yours alone to choose. Let your body off the hook for making you feel better, and learn to feel better regardless of what your body is or isn’t doing.

8. Your body deserves love & appreciation.

A miraculous feat of creation, your body takes you through your entire experience of life on earth. This gig isn’t nearly as enjoyable without it. Show it some love.

10. Your body thrives on joy.

Your body is a vibrational being that thrives on the highest vibrations of joy, love and appreciation. Whatever brings you the most joy (whether through food, movement, or other life choices) allows your body its ultimate experience. Fuel it well.

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