Manifest Change in the Body

The latest ebook by Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw helps you manifest a body you love using your powers of conscious creation.

Ready for Real Change?

3 Steps to Manifesting the Body You Love the LOA Way is for conscious creators who know that our physical health is a result of the vibrations we flow.

It’s not about our diet or exercise or medical intervention nearly as much as it is about the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. That’s what dictates our physical health, and that’s what we want to get a handle on when it’s time to manifest change in our bodies.

Whether you’ve got:

  • an illness or diagnosis you’d like to manage
  • a physical trait you’d like to shift
  • extra weight to drop or gain
  • a desire to alter your body’s experience of aging
  • or whether you just want to create overall optimized health and well-being

this ebook is for those who know the best way to manifest what we want is by harnessing the law of attraction in our favor.

In this 50-page pdf and 30 minute audio recording you’ll hear what it takes to manifest the physical bodies we want and three steps to start today. It’s based on material from the $500 Body Love Lab course from Good Vibe University and is distilled to a simple practice designed to effectively activate your conscious creation powers to experience ideal physical health.

Check out the 10 point Body Love Manifesto below and then download your copy of 3 Steps to Manifest the Body You Love the LOA Way by Jeannette Maw.

The Body Love Manifesto: Your Body …

The Full Manifesto

These 10 tenets lay the foundation for manifesting physical change in the body. Your body is a miracle that is capable of anything when you embrace your creative powers.

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Download your copy of 3 Steps to Manifesting the Body You Love the LOA Way for just $17 now. You’ll receive the 50 page pdf ebook as well as the 30 minute audio.

Jeannette Maw is the Good Vibe Coach and author of 3 Steps to Manifest the Body You Love the LOA Way.

What Others are Saying

“Cuts through the confusion and gives clear instruction on how to make the most of what I’ve got. I didn’t realize how much I was sabotaging my success with old habits.”

M. Jay, advance reader

“Your book is awesome. I felt a huge relief just reading your book. Thank you so much for your amazing suggestions.”

C. Williams, advance reader

“I’ve known before that I can manifest anything, but the way you worded it and the stories you told finally clicked for me. I feel like I finally know what to do for creating the weight loss I’ve struggled with.”

L. Phillips, audio reviewer

“Something about hearing your personal examples that made it all ring true for me. Thanks for sharing your own experiences. That’s what really stood out for making me grasp these concepts once and for all.”

G. Pilcher, advance reader

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You’ll get the 50 page ebook along with a 30 minute audio designed to help you manifest a body you love using your conscious creation powers.

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Body Love ebook by Jeannette Maw